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Our final slam at Rendezvous Caffe..

We had to move- it was just too small!

Jim Moreno , poetry workshop teacher, breathes living spirit into his words..

Dan O is a regular at the Open Reading; a damn good slam poet as well..

Kris Nelson, was our VIP judge for the night;
she was the subject of a recent article in the local paper.. go read it!

Cosmic was totally intense; but left before Round 2-
dude, come back and give us more of your wordage!

Geoff Bouvier, award-winning poet, slammed with us for the first time..

Josh is one funny guy, scores high- and he has now qualified himself for the Grand Slam!

Katie O'Loughlin came in second tonight, right behind Chris Vannoy..
Katie has now qualified herself for the Grand Slam!

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