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ugh- it's the slam..
that's urban grind, hillcrest, of course..

The Urban Grind, on Park Blvd between University Ave and Robinson;
a nice, quiet place- well, at least until the slam starts up..

Tom P, playin' the devil's advocate at the May slam..

Matt Weatherman on calculator, and Christina Continelli flashin' ya some signage..

N'hari served as judge at the May slam; our judges are always given a turn up at the mic as well..

Adam Deutsch also served as judge at the May slam; he's moved back to nyc now; hope he decides
that Dago's the better place to live..

Lizzie Wann gettin' ready to emcee Round 2..

Grand Slam Judges Seth Taylor from KPBS 89.5 FM, Ted Burke, our own Geofrey, and Tommy Hightower-
that's Tommy (from the Gospel Cafe) shootin' ya' some pax, baby!

Our judges again- with some of the local flava behind..

Josh Fleming of Team Flagstaff sacrificed for us tonight..

Katie O'Loughlin in silk & brocade.. fabulous pic if I do say so myself.. 'course, she can't take a bad photo!
Wayne Clemmons below her, a reflection of one of the slam's more sublime moments..

There's Judge Judy the Beauty Forman of the Big Kitchen on the far right.. you betcha that's the same Judy for whom Whoopi Goldberg once worked as a waitress!
Jonathan Yaffe in the foreground, wearin' the red shirt.. J.I. Michael to his left.

Geoff Neill sweats it out up at the mic; we always give our judges a chance to shine for the audience as well..

Josh Foote takes his turn up at the mic; that's Wayne Clemmons again, diggin' on Josh's ultra-comedic styling..

Sally Bonn makes Team San Diego 2001!

Judge Ted Burke reads his poetry between rounds..

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