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Old Mt Carmel Pictures

Fran's school picture, marked 1941..

Fran, possibly 1943..

Fran a little older, maybe 1945?..

Jack Bodner (or is it Budner), and Fran..

Pulaski clan in house on Turnpike St, Mt Carmel..

The kitchen in that same house;
Fran, his parents playing cards..

C. Bibsi and Mam-mam with tons of bobby pins..

Fran in both back, and then front, yard of house..

Grandmother O'Sullivan with Kitty & Bibsi in kitchen..

Lou & Betty, Fran & Kitty with baby Liz..

Kitty, maybe at the Shrine of the Immac. Conception, I wonder..

Robt as baby, Fran reading..

Robt & Liz, must be 1957, maybe?..

July 1958 is what's written on back of photo;
not sure who this is..

Robt & Liz, Christmas 1958, maybe?..


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