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Zoetrope Stories online

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The Pirate Enclave of Jimmy Jazz.

Ted Burke's Poetry Page

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Terrie Relf's Poetry Column in Writers Monthly

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Lizzie Wann's MeetingGrace HouseConcerts page.

Cecil the Edutainer's, interactive activist clearinghouse.

Very cool jazz & spoken word club- Dizzy's, downtown in the Gaslamp.

The San Diego Gay & Lesbian Times.

Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge.

San Diego's Taco Shop Poets.

Poetry Slam Inc.

David Huang's gallery of national poetry/slam events.

ActivistSanDiego has a great calendar of events, an invaluable resource for all sorts of outlets for creativity..

Some Poetic Songwriters

Citizen Band, Jeff Berkeley's hard-rockin', heavy-drinkin', guitarcentric new band..

Via Satellite, San Diego's cerebral, inspired, textured, kickass band..
think XTC marinated in U2 spiced up with a little Sparklehorse..

Innocence Mission, out of Lancaster, PA and musically the equivalent of a Grandma Moses painting.

Keith Reid, lyricist for Procol Harum, is a brilliant and oft-overlooked poet..
his words define the 60's like no one else..

Jane Siberry, jane the sibbest of all berries ever!
An indie if ever there was- she is an inspiration as she goes her own way; true pioneer in making the music industry machine obsolete..

Katell Keineg, daughter of poet Paul Keineg, and a Breton musician/poet in her own right, living in Dublin, Ireland..

Rickie Lee Jones, the grand duchess of Coolsville channeling, renewing, reclaiming the gospel message..

Joni Mitchell, Queen Mother of all the poetic songwriters, who reminds us that when the Muse is taken away from music, all that's left is the "ic(k)"..

Stamp Out the Rate Hike: Stop the Post Office