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Fag, 1970

Dude, that's one gorgeous Yamaha you got. You're a fag, right?
        Christ I hate this woman
What th-? No, why do you wanna go say that.. you're a fag, right?
        but she looks damn good, purple peasant blouse over tight denim jeans
Hey, you want to be an actor, better get comfortable with the idea that you're a fag, then.
        looking out at the world through John Lennon spectacles,
I'm not. No really I'm not. Or at least I don't want to be.
        a small silver star
Just thank G_d you're not jewish, sweet cheeks.
        of David hanging down towards
Really, I'm not gay, ok. I got a girlfriend. She's in 112 auditioning for the chorus.
        barely-emerging breasts,
Don't sweat it, you'll make a fabulous fag darling.
        furiously ripping off ten lavender-colored acrylics
You're already a fabulous guitarist. I'm Melody. And you're?
        and grabbing her steel-stringed Fender with both hands
A songwriter, but certainly not a fag.
        now revealing ten nerve-bitten, ragged nails
We'll see about that.. in the meantime, let's play.
        which perfectly match my own impossibly short & dirty fingernails..
You do know the new Shawn Phillips, don't you?
        Christ I love this woman!