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This recent spate of suicides
           Hunter S. completed
           attempted: M in Maryland,
should stop me
should tell me heís a lying-man

back door: [shout]

big, black & shiny
beautiful Negroman

smart as Nigger Jim surviviní down South

come heah baby
John Lee Hooker on CD

Black Orpheus Rising

canít stop the sun from goiní down
Twilight Time, itísóitís

baby, burn
burn, baby

how many shootings shot the sheriff?
                    The King

I canít take it any mo-mo

onyxbox theramin arrived yesterday
husband plays it perfectly already

That xanax Rx keeps me sleeping well
keeps the old greek god from knocking on my bedroom door
knockknockknockiní on Heavenís Door;
where's Kathi? where is she?

Let us Be
bebelet us be let us bebebe

dixie j'elder