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plate lunch poetry

01.  slammin' with jennifer prev appeared in Best of Map (Austin Poetry Vol II 1999)
02.  one from the road
03.  americonsumerism
04.  the meade ave disaster contingency prev appeared in Drift Wood Hwy
05.  love's perfect sandwich
06.  aimee mann previously appeared in Drift Wood Hwy
07.  pacific beach noir
08.  volcano, baby previously appeared in Drift Wood Hwy
09.  all the little noisemakers
10.  lindann's so modern day in japantown prev appeared in Poetry Conspiracy
11.  calidreaminfornia
12.  a john waters xmas
13.  plate lunch poet
14.  the crustacean nation jam
15.  livin' libido loco
16.  sandra gould
17.  the starglider man
18.  vox mortis
19.  autumn comes to amarillo
20.  meditation for all souls' day
21.  I am in rickie lee love all over again prev appeared in CityWorks 2008
22.  chairman max