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friday aug 17, 2001

so lizzie and I were talking tonight, before the slam, about having worked all week long and now it's finally friday night, how hard it's gonna be to have a kick-ass high-energy slam, if the crowd feels as wrung out as we do.. this is the debut of our new monthly friday night slam, and so we don't really know what to expect.. but this san diego spoken word community never fails to fire us up.. 'course, just seeing certain folks walk into the urban grind gets my blood coursing; they just seem to give off positive chi solely by their presence.. one of those people is elyse , who came tonight with friend to hang out with us and just watch.. another one who came to watch tonight was daniel yaffe- yeah, he walked in late in round 1, told me later he had to decide between the jack johnson concert up in del mar, or making the slam.. so he chose both! anyway, the joint was jumpin' by the time 7:30 rolled 'round, and we had our five judges all ready with chalk and board.. judges tonight included n'hari, cute couple chloe & don, and other cute couple jen & kevin- jen was up in seattle last week, and got to attend finals night of the natl poetry slam! the line-up tonight was a perfect mix of old and new talent.. returning to the mic from previous slams were sally bonn, vejea (and that's pronounced v.j. for those of y'all not in the know..) first-timers outnumbered veterans 3 to 1.. I always enjoy the guest poets segment we do between rounds, and tonight was no exception. our favorite score-keeper, matt weatherman, rocked the place with his piece about finding sympathy, and love, for the down-trodden sex-workers (yes, that's the short version- there's lots more to it than that); judges chloe and n'hari also had their time at the mic.. lizzie remarking on the gorgeousness of chloe's long silver tresses.. but we didn't come here tonight for the hair, we came for the money, right?! you want scores- here they come.. in the end, it was first-timer jay perez in 2nd place, with a cumulative 54.8 and taking home $22.. and in 1st place tonight, veteran salim sivaad, with a cumulative of 57.9 and taking home a whopping $52! man oh man, that salim guy looks *so* familiar..

sunday aug 26, 2001

robt is on vacation for the next 3 weeks.. lizzie and sally emceed; this comes from lizzie..

Hi Robt- the slam went really well. Sally Bonn was a great co-host. It was a great crowd. Shannon Perkins came down to judge but I already had 5 so I asked her to sacrifice. I cut off sign-ups at 7 pm with 12 names in the hat! So, a fine evening was had by all. Billiekai Boughton and Chris Vannoy came (they both were judges). Jim Eret and Dan Woodward were also there. Jim judged, and Dan slammed in the first round but had to leave early. Gabriel Jacques also came so it was great to see him. Some first-timers and some old-timers. It's cool that the slammers and the crowd seem to constantly be refreshed every time.

so here's the short & sweet of it, y'all-
in 2nd place, taking home $14- from seattle, wash: Buddy Wakefield.. (click on the talking head)
and in 1st place, scoring a 57.49 cumulative, and taking home $34- local sensation Kimberly Dark!

next slam is Friday, Sept 14- you gotta be there..
.. but if you can't make that one, see you instead on Sunday, Sept 30!

your slammaster
and faithful servant,

ps- got anything to add to this entry? email it to us here, and we'll upload it to this page..

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