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June 24, 2001

OK, so all the qualifying is over, a team has been chosen.. will anyone show up to slam tonight, we wondered. I mean, it's 6:45, sign-up is over in 15 minutes, and we've got 1 to slam and 1 to judge.. what's up with the ol' town tonight? and then, with 2 minutes to spare, the sign-up list suddenly swells to 11 poets, and we've got four volunteers heading towards the judges' table.. add Wayne Clemmons to the judges' roster.. since he won last month's slam, he is automaticlly slated for community service as a judge. Other judges tonight were Anna Jenkins, Sally Bonn, Candice and Eriq. 7:10 pm, and we're finally ready to roll! In addition to pulling down score-keeper duties, Lizzie Wann also sacrified for us tonight. First-time slammers tonight included Erin ("Marry me", someone in the crowd yells out as she prepares to take the mic.. and no- it didn't throw her performance off..), Daniel Yaffe (yes, Jonathan's lil' brother), and John Primavera. SD slam regulars Tom P and Joe Stein also slammed; down from the Davis (Calif) slam tonight was Brian Martinez.. also Mike Dumlao, Max and Tito, who did his second-round piece en Español.. coming in second tonight was poet/sculptor and local hero Dan Adams; and taking top honors, from Goat Song Conspiracy, was the one and only Scotch, one of the original slammers here in town..

ok, we STILL gotta work on collecting more dollars for our poets.. I don't want to put a cover charge into effect, but $20 is all we pulled in tonight. of course, we also had the raffle going on tonight, but that was only 15 bucks. Well, we'll figure something out. Thanks to Sally Bonn, for handling tonight's raffle; and to Chris Vannoy for some very cool donations.. Thanks everyone for coming out tonight; I especially enjoyed seeing again Susanna, who has been a judge for us before, back when we were at the Rendezvous; also Tina and the gang from Poway High.. next slam is july 29- hope to see you there!

your slammaster
and faithful servant,

ps- got anything to add to this entry? email it to us here, and we'll upload it to this page..

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