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ugh- it's the slam..
from the urban grind, hillcrest..

Judge LaShawn brought an entourage with her.. and all havin' a good time..

Tina and SF gal pal Ari.. that's Ari with the hot pink in her hair..

Judges Jennifer Joseph & Dizzy Order doing a group piece, complete with phat beatbox vocalese from Dizzy..

At Hillcrest's annual GLBT Pride Parade, Robt O'Sullivan begs for spare change for the slam team..

Helping Robt champion the cause are Michael Klam & Jennifer Joseph.. Michael's wife Linda also marched with us!

No, really- the backpack was not a prop tonight for Elijah Baxter..

Cecil pleads his case for a new Belushi..

Rob Tavakoli came in third at the July slam..

Ron Dyste bringin' some peace to the judges bench..

Shannon Perkins emceed second round at the July 28 slam..

Eneri in the judges' between-rounds spot..

Our guest of honor on Aug 16 was the engaging Samantha Barrow, poetess from Philadelphia..

Samantha is on a cross-country motorcycle tour of her unique feminist roadwarrior poetry..

Judges Kim & Yolanda aren't camera shy.. oh yeah we love our audience volunteers!

Judge Terrie Relf brought handsome friend Don Snider with her..

His name is Unearthodox, all the way from San Bernadino.. hope we see him again.

We're hoping to see Jason at the slam again some day..

Congratulations to Cara.. she took 2nd place at the Aug 16 slam..

Marcel Warren, "guest of Redemptor", at his first SD Slam..

..and Tricia at her first SD slam.. very fabulous t-shirt, grrlfriend!

"I do not consent..", says Cecil.. looks like he's reading us an email in this pic..

Kimberly Dark took 2nd place at the Aug 25 slam..

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