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ugh- it's the slam..
from the urban grind, hillcrest..

We got ourselves a full house for our Grand Slam on Cinco de Mayo!

Here's another shot of that mos'fab crowd at the SD Grand..

Looks like judge Terrie Relf ain't believing what she's hearing!

First-round judge Dave handing out one of several 10's over the course of the evening..
you may also recognize Dan Woodward there, in the foreground.

From our 2001 SD Slam Team, Salim Sivaad entertained us from his aptly-named "Ethereality" between rounds..

From our 2001 Big Sur Regionals Team, Shannon Perkins also performed for our pleasure between rounds..

Highest score of the evening- Michael Klam takes the Number 1 spot on our 2002 Team!

Rock on: second-place Vejea Jennings also makes our 2002 Team!

The thrill of victory: third-place Jimmy Jazz is on the 2002 Team!

Last year's essential alternate and coach- Katie O'Loughlin secures the Number 4 spot on our 2002 Team!

..and this year's essential alternate- Belinda Etezad Rachman takes the Number 5 spot on our 2002 Team!

So here they are together- Team San Diego out front of the Grind..

Another one of our Team, still out front, lookin' for trouble..

Left to right: Katie, Vejea, Belinda, Michael and Jazz- from street level..

From Team Mesa: Taneka Stotts is a little dynamo of a performer.. and LOUD!

Another one of Taneka, stirring up the room into a feverpitch..

From Mesa: Trish Justrish, she of the charismatic spoken delivery..

From Mesa: Corbet Dean, one very cool, rip-rockin' poet-cop..

Another one of Corbet Dean, who was also on the 2001 Mesa team..

From Mesa: E.P. Bradley, recently relocated to LA- catch this man's features if you get the chance..

From Mesa: The Klute took home the night's highest indivual score- a 59 outta 60!

The U.G. audience lovin' Team Mesa.. you see why this is the team that won the 2002 Arizona Regionals?!

From Team Las Vegas: Karen Lumos, who wrecked her truck earlier in the day but performed in spite of it..

Another one of Karen, slammaster for Las Vegas..

From Las Vegas: Bakeem Lloyd, who was also on the 2001 LV team.. a newly-wed, full of love poems in his head..

From Las Vegas: Madeline Beckwith doing some ultrapoetic spirit-witnessin'..

From Las Vegas: Andy Kenyon- hey, she grew up right here in San Diego..

Another one of Andy- yeah, she went to El Capitan High!

From Las Vegas by way of Hawaii: HokuPo with the milk-&-honey'd voice..

Be warned- if you're this cute you WILL get your pic taken by me!
Patty watching the Vegas team perform from the plush velvet couch (our priority seating)..

Jimmy Jazz & Bakeem spruced up the marquee at the Park Theater..

Another one of the Park Theater's marquee makeover..

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