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ugh- it's the slam..
from the urban grind, hillcrest..

Check out belinda Rachman's tres-expensive churchlady hat from a store in downtown Oakland..
she'd gone up north to see Angela Boyce feature! Tonight she's a judge & seated next to her hubby..

Everywhere the boy goes, Michael Franklin gets himself lots of attention..

Joy de la Cruz was back at the slam tonight.. and gotta say, in top form..

Speak-no-evil Chris Mosher havin' his way with some expensive Urban Grind artwork..

From the 2000 SD Slam Team- Sharon Elise, also back down to our lil ol' slam.. welcome back, girlfriend!

Lesley Keyes drove down with Sharon & did a great job at her first u.g.h. slam..

Tom aka Drucius begins the team-qualifying process..

VIP judge Adam Deutsch visiting from nyc.. it's always good to have him home with us..

It's Victor, at his first u.g.h. slam..

From LA by way of Jacksonville: Elijah Baxter at his first u.g.h. slam..

Velma slams for her first time at the urban grind..

That's Jimmy Jazz, tellin' us how he showed up drunk at his AA meeting..

Chris Vannoy- the man don't jus' stand at the mic: he's known for making the entire room his stage..

Host of a popular reading in Phoenix, Carol Hogan graciously agreed to be a judge for us..

Cute couple Jett & Paula groove on the spoken word, and come out for many local events..
so introduce yourself to them next time you see them at the slam!

Linda Bauer also agreed to judge - and you know we always try to give our judges a turn up at the mic..

Arriving too late for signups, Brian Julianel entertained us while we waited to hear who tonight's winners were..

Yes, there's a doctor in the house.. Dr. Art at his first u.g.h. slam..

It's always good to see "GoatSong" founder Scotch at the Urban Grind..

His first time at the Urban Grind, DizzyOrder finished in second place..

Her first time up on our mic, Jacqueline takes third place..

Check her out: belinda Rachman in yet another fabulous hat..

Check him out: barista Emil.. very depechemodepersonaljesus, doncha think..

It ain't a hat but it's way cool- so we used Jennifer Burton as our sacrifice tonight..

OK, gotta say it- the Urban Grind's Emil does give some real good face..

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