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ugh- it's the slam..
from the urban grind, hillcrest..

The crowd ROCKED at this, the first slam of 2002..

Third-placer Jennifer Joseph- deliverin' her truths to us; and in exquisitely fashionable suede-
hey, don't let 'em fool you: presentation is important, too!

Lovely Ara Thorpes slams the Urban Grind for the first time..

We're thinking Aaron may actually be a poet-fullback for the SD Chargers..

Her name is Sam and she wove a wordsmith's vibe over all of us at her first Urban Grind Slam..

A powerhouse poli-sci poet: Ha Phan, also at her first U.G.H. slam..

Great to see second-placer Shannon Perkins still in top form!

Big gnarly harley dude Joey Gunne doin' his autobiographical sketch for our entertainment..
oh yeah, he scored some big points, too!

Jeremie Z psychedelicizes the room with his magical elixir of chemical words..

Second-placer Rob e Rob enchants with beautiful Semitic rave: some personal history from his native Persia..

Check out these faces of very obvious pleasure at the February slam..

Kimberly Dark's very fabulous shiny aubergine shoes..

Another shot of the house in February: thanks, Emil!

Watch out- some proverbial ass is gonna get whupped by this woman! Belinda Etezad Rachman
knows how to work the room into a frenzy with equal portions of truth and side-splitting hilarity..

The height of Hillcrest fashion: more utterly fabulous shoes- these belong to Chris Vannoy's girlfriend, Linda..

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