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ugh- it's the slam..
from the urban grind, hillcrest..

Flo Somerville- this woman, she rocks!

Taylor, aka T-rod, slams the Urban Grind for the first time..

Jihmye! at the Oct 12 slam- his first time slamming with us..

Tim Rohrer at his first Urban Grind Slam..

..and Rob Iverson, also at his first U.G.H. slam..

Ian at his first-ever San Diego slam..

Hilarious Micki Adams, everyone's favorite irreverent political analyst..

Flo again, up at the mic at the Oct 28 slam.. uh, did we mention that she rocks?!

The inimitable Jimmy Jazz works the room and wins the Nov 16 slam..

Lovely Linda Bauer sacrificed for us at the Nov 16 slam..

Rita Grant placed 2nd at her first-ever slam.. watch out for her- she got talent!

Jennifer Burton, at the December Pajamaslam..

Sherre Myers wore Chinese silk to the December Pajamaslam..

Heather Bliss bumps up the room temp a notch or two at the Pajamaslam..

Tonight's winner (she's the one in silk) Kimberly Dark, with her Star
across the table from her; and that's Roni in the foreground..

I love seeing an entourage: Lady J's family celebrate her taking 2nd at the last slam in December!

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