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ugh- it's the slam..
from the urban grind, hillcrest..

Elyse judged the July slam, and damn well liked what she heard!

Porcupine Smith also volunteered as judge for us..

More of the judges at the July slam, which also included one-time journalist Kelly..

Miguel Turner-Ortega, spiritchanting his poetry at the July slam..

Matt Weatherman sacrificed for us at the August slam..

Chloe served as judge, which automatically guaranteed her a spot up at the mic between rounds..

Jay Perez performs "Assimilation Nation".. he placed second at the August slam..

Tabitha Dansby waiting for her name to be called out, at her first-ever San Diego slam..

Katherine Katsanis was great, especially considering that it was her first slam..

The house givin' their all to winner Angela Boyce at the September 14 slam..

Check out the crowded house for the September 30 slam..

SDMA nominee Lizzie Wann showing us her nominated cd, 'A Wing & A Prayer'.. go ahead- ask her to sell you one!

Down from Las Vegas, Ken Wanamaker also judged the Sept 30 slam..

Here's Ken again.. cute enough for two pics!

Jonathan Pollard hip-hopping his way into 2nd place..

Left to right- Joe Stein, Matt, the night's winner- geoff neill, plus Taylor,
Christina & K. Fresno, in the back of the house, at the September 30 slam..

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