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Some 2002 bookshow pics..

Red's hosted our publication party for the 2002 book in their new "Red Room" performance annex..

Yours truly, Robt O'SS onstage at the Jan 2002 DWH feature at Claire de Lune..

What a cute couple- Chris & Linda on the sidelines at the Claire de Lune feature..

Chris Vannoy doin' "LAX" at the Claire de Lune feature.. with the famous line- AAAGGHH!

Charlaine Coleman of "Silk" at the mic- the venue is the Power Surge cafe in San Marcos, CA..

Lenny Lianne, of the womens' group "Silk", at the February 2002 Power Surge bookshow..

Gwyn Henry, another gifted DWH poet from north county- and part of the spoken-word group "Silk"..

Basic black, Anna Jenkins at the March 2002 DG Wills Books feature..

Also in black, Kimberly Dark enchants at the DG Wills Books feature.. check out those masks above her!

Definitely not in your basic black, Terrie Relf a the Sept 2002 Red's "naughty poetry" bookshow..

Terrie and I promo'd this show with the phrase "Let's put a blush on the Muse's cheeks"..

Some 2001 bookshow pics..

Bluestocking Books is a great place for a poetry reading- there's an open reading here
every Monday night!You can email Kris Nelson, or call (619) 296-1424 for more info..

Erik K Varga can't decide between doing another poem or maybe bustin' out a verse of
She Blinded me with Science..

Anna Zappoli Jenkins recited her poetry in Italian, reminding us us that poets
are able to translate the heart, no matter the language..

Chris Vannoy on stage at the Jan 2001 Claire de Lune drift wood hwy poets' feature..

Ever-elegant Anna Zappoli Jenkins on stage at the Jan 2001 Claire de Lune drift wood hwy poets' feature..

Lestat's hosted all of the day's feature readings at the annual July Outdoor Book Fair..

Jon Wesick with flautist, at the Oct 2001 Bridgeway Books drift wood hwy poets' feature..

This picture of Anna Jenkins is the only one I got at our Galleria Dell'Aria (Dec 2001) bookshow in North Park..

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