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West Coast Regionals 2002 Photo Gallery

We'll remember this one as a cold damn day in paradise..

Lizzie Wann holds up baby Emma for the camera..

SD sends Vejea Jennings up first with his Caribbean roots song..

Michael Klam is up next with his homage to the oft-maligned chihuahua..

Another shot of Michael beneath the redwoods..

Chris Vannoy brought up a birthday cake for Linda Bauer..

New mama's Linda Klam and Oakland's Sonia Whittle..

Katie O'Loughlin is up third for us.. and she takes up space- metaphorically!

Jimmy Jazz, fourth up for SD, has the crowd in the meadow spell it out loud.. A-N-G-E-L-A!

Lizzie Wann is a judge at the afternoon bout..

Sacramento slammaster and former San Diegan Angela Boyce in the afternoon bout..

Another shot of Angela onstage..

It isn't a chihuahua but.. ain't it the sweetest face ever..

Here's yet another sweetest face ever..

The SD contingent awaits the team's bout scores..

..and Team SD makes the Final Four and lives to see another day's competition!

Back at Chez Klam, aka Cabin #2, we prepared for Day Two..

Another shot of cabin with the salmon totem, and with the favored shower..

Lizzie Wann performing in the Open reading that began Day Two..

Los Feliz slammaster and former San Diegan Dufflyn Lammers also performed in the Open..

Another shot of Lizzie doing "Fire & Fiddles" at the Open..

Jimmy Jazz burst onto the stage with all the energy & charisma of a Finalist..

See what I mean.. Jazz dances across the meadow..

An equally-spirited Vejea Jennings on Day Two..

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