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Table of Contents

Dan Adams: What is Hip? / Squeaky Shoes
Sally Bittner Bonn: eleven stops / creosote bush
Charlaine Coleman: Names / Letting Go
Christina Continelli: when this place was a desert / Small Boats
Jan Daniels: Jan ran
Kimberly Dark: untitled / The Opera
John Dutterer: Nightbirds / Just Now (The Golem)
Jennifer Geran: the beautiful woman has come / food court haiku / angels and insects / for sandra
Philip Groff: Good Tech
Byron R. Harder: Desert Training / Titty Bar
Gwyn Henry: toward the crows / lily soup
Lloyd Hill: The Idea of Order in Ocean Beach / Michelangelo Dawn
Gabriel Jacques: untitled / American black marilyn
Curran Jeffery: Tequila Jesus / Let us see the long body
Anna Zappoli Jenkins: untitled / Bay Park / Every Tuesday / Island Street
Erik Jonsson: On Inspiration / Growing Old
Jennifer Joseph: The new thinkers, 1 & 2 / Xena the man eating menstrual princess warrior
Cheryl Latif: untitled / inside out / ollie, ollie, oxen free / moving on
Lenny Lianne: Between Them / The Same Summer
Chris Mosher: she'll notice / forever monday
Ronald Mules: American Colossus
Sherre Myers: A Recurring Vision / A Mural for my Skin / The Metatron
Robt O’Sullivan-Schleith: Little falling persons / While u were away / Volcano, baby!
Shannon Perkins: 180 Degrees
Terrie Relf: you (a trilogy) / winter dance
Cathryn Rice-Simmons: Dreaming the Dance / Indweller
Michael Turner-Ortega: Modernity of Calo / Americano
Chris Vannoy: LAX
Erik K. Varga: McKaffrey’s Cantab Lounge
Kenneth Wanamaker: Sudden Profusion Of Flags / Aurora Borealis / The Journey Home
Lizzie Wann: Aero-Dynamics / How We Survive / Breaking the Weather
Jon Wesick: Best Meal in China
J.E. Wolfe: Back Road / Weather Report 1945 / Fire Alarm
Jeremie Zulaski: Fractalogicalysergic / Spinal dyschord offers inactivity