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Our Sponsors and Benefactors

Corporate Sponsors

Bluestocking Books (Kris Nelson)- Fifth Ave, Hillcrest: $25.00
Hutchins & Associates - Escondido, CA: $25.00

Team Fundraising Events

Claire de Lune Feature (6/19/01): $90.00
Long Beach Slam: $20.00
Urban Grind Battle of the Slams: $20.00

Individual Sponsors

Sally Bittner Bonn: $15.00
Wayne Clemmons: $16.00
Anne Cortez: $25.00
Sharon Elise: $30.00
Shannon Perkins: $30.00
Emily Rabin: $20.00
Robt O'Sullivan Schleith: $30.00
Marsha Burleson Somers: $25.00
Chris Vannoy: $31.00
Sandra Vannoy: $47.00
Deborah J. Welsh, Ed.D: $25.00

Would you like to contribute to our San Diego Slam Fund,
and be listed along with these fine folks?
Just click here.